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How much does the prescription cost?

This amount will depend on your insurance coverage and may range anywhere from $15-$75. We will enclose discount coupons whenever possible. The preparation was design to ensure that your colon is completely clean so your doctor can be certain he/she has performed the best colon cancer screening possible. The electrolytes prevent dehydration and alterations in the sodium levels of the blood which can be harmful with preparations like the old Miralax prep that have been used in the past.

What if I don’t like the taste?

The instructions you received contain the results of several taste tests that determined the best way to flavor the laxative. If you don’t care for lemon or lime, you may also use tea bags or iced tea to improve the flavor. Drinking the solution through a straw may help, if you try to “bypass” your taste buds. It has been sweetened with Nutrasweet so do not add sugar unless necessary.

I have diarrhea; do I need to drink the entire laxative amount?

Even though you think your colon is clean, it is best to be sure by taking the preparation as prescribed.I don’t weigh much.

Do I need to drink the entire amount?

Yes. All colon lengths are the same, no matter how much you weigh.

I feel nauseous, or feel too full to drink the rest of the laxative:

Your prescription included 2 capsules to be used to relieve nausea. Use them as directed in your instruction sheet. If you are too full to continue drinking, take a break until you feel less full, and then resume drinking.

My bowels haven’t moved yet after drinking the laxative:

People typically experience a bowel movement within a couple hours of starting the prep, but this varies from person to person. If you tend to have constipation it will take longer. If you have experienced no effects after several hours, you should consult your physician.

I’m afraid to take the second dose of laxative before I leave home for a morning procedure:

The second dose of the preparation does not have the purgative effect as the first dose. The reason to take the second dose of the preparation as close as possible to the procedure time is to cleanse the right colon where flat polyps are seen. Studies have shown that only 10% of patients will need to stop at a restroom during their trip to their procedure.