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Lactose Free Diet


This diet completely eliminates all forms and sources of lactose from the diet. The diet is indicated only in cases of severe lactose deficiency or extreme sensitivity to lactose in any amount. Labels on commercial products must by read for sources of lactose, for example, whey, dry milk, solids, etc. which must be avoided.




Milk and milk products


Any forms of milk and milk drinks; instant chocolate drinks; cheese; yogurt; cottage cheese

Meats; eggs; fish;  poultry; 2 or more servings a day
1oz = 1 serving

Beef; veal; pork; ham; poultry; fish; organ meat; legumes; nuts; nut butter

Processed cold cuts and wieners; commercially breaded meats; all cheeses; casseroles made with milk or cream. Check labels of canned legumes and peanut butter for added lactose. Eggs in cream sauce or cooked with milk.

Breads; cereal; grain; and other starches

Some commercial bread made without label. Kosher breads; hot water cornbread without milk; corn or flour tortillas; homemade bread made without milk; butter; whey; or curds.
Cereals: cooked cereals made without milk; farina; grits; oats; cream of wheat; cream of rice. Ready to eat cereals: (Check labels carefully) generally lactose free: cornflakes; puffed wheat; shredded wheat; rice krispies; (a non dairy creamer or fruit juice may be used on cereals). Potatoes; rice; noodle; flour (if no milk or milk products added).

Commercial breads; rolls; biscuits made with milk or lactose; commercial bread mixes; corn mixes; waffles; pancakes; bakery products

Fruits and vegetables



(As desired)

Clear broth soups; creamed soups made with non-dairy creamer.

Regular cream soups; chowders made with milk or cream.


Salt; pepper; sugar; honey; molasses; jam; jelly; spices; herbs; cocoa; steak sauce; BBQ sauces

Sugar substitutes containing lactose; MSG; some caramel colorings. Carefully check labels on all commercial products.