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Why is it important to prepare for your colonoscopy?


The preparation for the procedure while time consuming, and not always pleasant, is almost as important as the procedure itself. A preparation that is done properly per your Physician’s orders is crucial for the procedure so that he/she can accurately gauge the severity or number of problems in the bowels. A poor prep will cause obstructions for your Physician as well as compromise visibility during the Procedure; all of which can reduce the effectiveness of the Procedure. A poor prep can also cause the procedure to be terminated and you will have to go through the prep all over again and return to the Center on another day. Summed up, the Doctors Office will be providing you the Prep Instructions for the Procedure: MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THEM EXACTLY. Please see below for the examples of a Good Prep vs. a Bad Prep…which one would you want during YOUR procedure?

Good Preparation



Bad Preparation



A clean colon is paramount in detecting the following:

Early Cancer:

Flat Polyp:


Flat Adenoma Pulled Up:

Flat Polypoid Adenoma: