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The Advanced Endoscopy Center

Advanced Endoscopy Center, LLC

11525 Olde Cabin Road
Suite 101
St. Louis, MO 63141

Phone: (314) 400-9999
Fax:  (314) 400-9990
 From Interstate I-270:
From Ballas Rd. (Also called North New Ballas Rd.)
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Lobby at Advanced Endoscopy Center

Nurses Station at Advanced Endoscopy Center
Nurses Station

Endoscopy room at Advanced Endoscopy Center, LLC
Endoscopy Room


Recovery room at Advanced Endoscopy Center, LLC
Recovery Room


Specialists in Gastroenterology

This is the Doctors Office where you will initially meet with your Physician to discuss your procedure. It is located in the same building as the Endoscopy Center, adjacent to the waiting room. For more information on Specialists in Gastroenterology, please contact them at 314-997-0554 or